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The special Secure Access Sequence Ctrl-Alt-Del is always processed by the viewer computer, and not passed to the server. Poll Window Under Cursor - A variation on Poll Foreground Window, this option causes the window under the mouse cursor to be polled for changes.

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Note that clicking in a window will generally cause it to be updated, so if you have certain applications which don't update very well, try this! If you don't know what any of this means then don't worry - it's all safe to ignore!

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Setting up and using this remote control app can be tougher than coaxing a cat from a tree. Attention This is not our current website. Right-clicking on this icon will cause a menu to be displayed, through which the Default Options may be accessed. The Options The Options dialog consists of a number of pages of options, grouped according to their function. You can put multiple -connect options on one command line to connect to multiple viewers at once.

This is not our current website. The performance junkie's hot hatch.

This affects the interpretation by the server of keypress sent while either or both of these menu items is activated. There isn't even a way to transfer files between the host and remote computers. However, options configured on the command-line can be changed once a connection has been made using the Connection Options dialog.

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This is normally used when accessing applications for systems such as X Windows, which assume the availability of a middle mouse button, from older Windows systems that don't have one. DebugLevel indicates how much debug information to present. Note that if the Auto select check-box is ticked then the automatic pixel format selection routines may override the user's selection and cause the connection to revert to Full Colour mode. This allows you to connect to a machine which has nobody logged in to it, for example.

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These override the local default user settings. You need to have administrator privileges on the local machine, so log on as administrator if your account doesn't have these. Update Handling Note that clicking in a window will generally cause it to be updated, so if you have certain applications which don't update very well, try this! Setting it to zero will filter out such connections. The best and worst photo-book-making sites for you.

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No transfer, either When you connect, a new window opens showing the host's screen. Any positive integer is valid. Both options may be enabled simultaneously if required.

Options specified here are not overridable. Local or Global per-user setting DebugLevel DebugMode Run-time logging of all internal debug messages is now supported. Just sniff out a Net-connected computer, and you can run your machine long distance. If selected, the viewer will take control of the graphical compression scheme used, and will only request full color updates if the network appears fast enough to support them.

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This will avoid the situation where the owner of the computer accessed realizes there is someone in control of their device without previous notice. The following documentation describes each option and the equivalent command-line parameters.

If not selected, then the user must select suitable encoding and format options manually. The same rules apply to the middle and right buttons using the appropriate value name. It won't yet appear on the taskbar. This is provided for low bandwidth networks, where it may be useful to control how often the screen is polled and changes sent.

Incoming Connections Accept Socket Connections - The server normally accepts direct, socket-based connections from the vncviewer program. This option applies only to connections made from viewer to server, and not to reverse connections. For a full list of options, project igi 2 full game run vncviewer -help.

Options specified on the command-line override those specified in the Default Options dialog. Note that this stops all global per-user settings. The server sends small rectangles of the framebuffer to the client. Virtual Network Computing Free network-related software Remote desktop protocols. You'll have to rely on the online docs, which are obscure in some places and too technical in others.