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As I write we are under siege by our very own traitorous and tyrannical govt who cares not one iota for America or its citizens. Over the years a number of strains genetically different have arisen that cause minor or serious illness especially to those whose immune systems have not been exposed to E. He says vegans should eat non-genetically modified fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and other seeds. Just to let you know, saying they are very similar and your grandparents wheat doesn't mean the glutens and glietens are the same, they completely avoiding answering the question directly.

It's hard to imagine corporations would shelve their genetically modified product at the request of farmers. Taking out any calorie rich food from a diet and replacing it by a multivitamin will reduce weight. Which is a plus from my end, because I do not like corporate control, it has absolutely corrupted this country.

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The War on Wheat

People without celiac disease, or the few other conditions that warrant elimination of these three specific grains, will find them an excellent source of nutrition. Anyway, I never take advice from people who exhibit the opposite of what they say. The intent is to kill the grain so that it will be ready for harvest at the desired time. It is the same for me too! Your problem is you haven't even looked at the other side of this argument.

My doctor asked me what medications I was taking! Please show any counter evidence if you have it.

Where is your evidence for this and how many of those scientists, those scientists labs, universities are on the corporation payroll? Greater red meat intake is associated with unfavorable plasma concentrations of inflammatory and glucose metabolic biomarkers in diabetes-free women. Upvoting your own replies does nothing to the ranking by the way, only the first post in the discussion gets ranked higher when it gets upvotes. But yes, excessive use of sugar isn't making it any better.

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Click To View More Recipes. However, another appendix on instituting a wheat-free diet doesn't go far enough or provide enough detail for those of us with celiac or severe gluten intolerance, so I wouldn't rely on it.

If they were bought by corporations, they would endorse gluten free for everybody as the prices and profit margins on these products are higher than the non-gluten products. American cardiologists American health and wellness writers Diet food advocates Living people Writers from Milwaukee. Proof is in the puding and that's why this diet is catching on.

This time my blood workup showed that my counts were even lower than before. Wheat works in the body to improve health and protect us from disease. This documentary is backfiring the makers, exposing them and their fears of devaluation of their stocks. Coz as a species, that's all we can do with ourselves.

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None of you are interesting in evidence, just pandering to your petty superstitions. He also says gliadin is an opiate which is again wrong.

Only damage I see him doing is hurting corporations. The fact is that wheat causes health problems. Davis is trying to solve the issues why so many are coming down with digestive disease, if you want to sue him for that, go ahead. William Davis and his idealogy. It also contains far more of other allergenic and immune system-stimulating compounds than ancient wheat.

And grains are no longer traditional strains, but Frankengrains created by genetics research and agribusiness. Reversal of coronary heart disease is seen on follow up examinations. My blood workups for two years showed drastic improvements after starting the diet and maintaining it. Celiac disease is a condition that affects fewer than one in one hundred people following the Western diet. Ridiculous how doctor made him self a Jesus of wheat heaters.

How much salad is in your average pasta salad? Like Guandalini, most gastroenterologists are skeptical that Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity is anywhere near as widespread as patients believe it is.

Wheat Belly and Grain Brain take a backdoor approach to the Atkins low-carbohydrate method. Eating the Wheat Belly way is rich, varied, and delicious! The Wheat Belly Cookbook and Minute Cookbook provide the day-to-day tools to succeed in the wheat-free lifestyle. Read the book, try the diet. Do you also judge books by their covers?

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Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. If you do feel an increase in health then do what is necessary. He said it was cross bred. My advice is to test it out for yourself and see if you find yourself in better health. You can also look for the letter from Dr.

Dr. William Davis

Fruit and vegetables is super good for the human body, wheat, eh, not as much. Wheat is not genetically modified. We replace wheat flour and cornstarch with almond flour, coconut flour, 4 elements ii special edition and other healthy ingredients without sacrificing flavor.

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These people are banishing diseases with this diet. The breeding was different for each varieties so it's a bit hard to give you a definitive answer of how they were bred. Wheat is rich in calories, off course you will lose weight and benefit from the loss of weight if you replaced it with less calories rich food.