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Pennsylvania State University Press. It is engulfing our country. And its philosophy, like all great lies, is more than three-quarters true. This was the one with the architect, right? He styles himself as representative of the will of the masses, but his actual desire is for power over others.

The Objectivism that Rand uses to undergird this story seems to find ethics of communities, or how we should act towards each other, repugnant. She opined about Objectivism and selfishness, and I was intrigued as only one in love and full of their own selfishness could be. Toohey sets out to destroy Roark through a smear campaign. Rand's wordplay and coerce the words into making themselves that much discernible for the audience.

It brought her lasting fame and financial success. Dominique Francon, the only female character with gravitas, is only second next to Howard Roark in discombobulating anyone she comes across.

He doesn't care what others think - he only cares about his own productive achievements. What infuriates liberals, as far as I can gather, was her unfailing adherence to capitalism. Since my goal here is to read as many good books as possible and to do my best to avoid bad ones, I'm going to be giving Rand a wide berth. In a world where self-interest is ideal, acts of altruism are counterproductive and should be despised.

The Closing of the American Mind. He never falters in his convictions. Open Preview See a Problem?

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead

It was very peculiar, thought Keating. Nothing matters, except that you do what you want. Roark is a brilliant but struggling iconoclast, while his rival and former classmate Peter Keating rises to the top of his profession by using obsequiousness, manipulation, and deception. The muscular coach set his prominent jaw, and his hard, handsome eyes glistened. She therefore conducted extensive research that included reading many biographies and other books about architecture.

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So whatever you may find below are the mixed emotions which i could withdraw out of it. It has also been referred to in a variety of popular entertainments, including movies, television series, and other novels. Rand's work on The Fountainhead was repeatedly interrupted.

The Fountainhead is a tale of both defeat and triumph. Bobbs-Merrill offered to publish a nonfiction book expanding on the ethical ideas presented in The Fountainhead.

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This was one of those books for me. The Hidden Struggle for America's Soul. In the s, writer-director Michael Cimino wanted to film his own script for United Artists.

It is just a rant told through a really bad piece of fiction. Your offense is unstoppable! Both men are in love with Dominique Falcon, a brilliant, passionate woman, who falls in love with Roark, admires his genius, but who is convinced his genius has no chance in a corrupt world.

She doesn't abstract the message at all. While I understood the motivations of the actions carried out by Dominique and Roark, the actions themselves bordered on the edge of the extreme.

Toohey is employed by Gail Wynand, a publisher whose paper caters to the lowest common denominator to gain power. Alisa returned to the city renamed Leningrad to attend the university, but in relatives who had already settled in America offered her the chance of joining them there.

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The individualist creates his own standards and adheres to them regardless of what others do or think. Yes, my men will win today. This book is the equivalent of a drunk, eloquent asshole talking to you all night at a bar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Fountainhead also attracted a new group of fans who were attracted to its philosophical ideas. Knee-jerk reactionaries seldom write good books. Dominique leaves Wynand for Roark. Faced with the prospect of closing the paper, Wynand gives in and publishes a denunciation of Roark. In this lengthy novel, hp laserjet 1160 printer software Ayn Rand presents her ideal man and her philosophy of objectivism.

The book provides us with Howard Roark as Rand's idea of an ideal man. The tones mismatch, but not in an interesting way, but dull! Though this book was never completed, a portion of the material was used for an article in the January issue of Reader's Digest. He is neither original or exceptional, he is simply an ass, and is treated as an object of admiration for it. Others become his prime motive.

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (ebook)