Space Bound Eminem

Jonsin also confirmed in the interview that he would be working on Eminem's next solo album. Grey believed that the alternate Eminem who appears in the car is his subconscious.

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Recording Industry Association of America. Whether or not you come out of it together and whole is an entirely different question. Maybe he would've chose differently, so now he's watching himself. Her ultimate moment doesn't come until the end, so I had plenty of time to build the fear!

Meanwhile, Eminem curiously takes out Grey's phone to see what she did, and is confused. Meanwhile, the alternate Eminem raps. He then tries to strangle his girlfriend, who suddenly disappears, leaving Eminem alone. He isn't really killing himself. According to Jonsin, the hardest part of the making of the song was getting it to Eminem.

The chorus is sung by McEwan, who also provided guitars. The music video was shot in February by director Joseph Kahn. The video then rewinds, from when Eminem shoots himself, to when the couple go to the diner.

Eminem - Space Bound Lyrics

Eminem - Space Bound Lyrics Eminem. The video starts as Eminem walks down a road at night. Jonsin's manager suggested it get sent to Eminem, but was concerned that Eminem would not do anything with it. The original Eminem sits with Grey at a table, new latest music player while the other is on a bar stool. Shady Aftermath Interscope.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Select Silver in the Certification field. It's when they check into a motel room that the drama unfolds.

Space Bound

Grey lights a cigarette to smoke. The video shows two sides of Eminem, one who is calm and loves his girlfriend and one who is aggressive and does not.

About three months later, the concept was taken to Miami and produced. Grey takes out her cell phone and sends a text message to someone, and leaves to go to the restroom. He picks up Grey's pistol and shoots himself under the chin, as blood spurts from the back of his head. Australian Recording Industry Association.

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The music video received attention and controversy for a scene in which Eminem shoots himself under the chin in frustration, with blood spurting from the exit wound. Eminem has two personages again as he enters the diner. He suggested that viewers watch it multiple times to figure out the concept and draw their own conclusion. The couple go to a motel room and receive a knock on the door, which Eminem opens but does not see anyone. What does this song mean to you?

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Credits adapted from the digital booklet of Recovery. Select singles in the Format field. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. British Phonographic Industry. It features model and former pornographic actress Sasha Grey.

Eminem isn't thinking about the families affected. The video received attention from reporters for its shock value owing to Eminem's suicidal scene and the use of a gun for it. He is picked up by his lover Grey. It was mixed by Eminem, Mike Strange and Marks. Most of this original version was recorded in New York with a guitar vocal on an iPhone.