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Clathrin function in yeast endocytosis. Pathways, Mechanisms and Regulation. Two pathways are better than one. Experimental Cell Research. Molecular analysis of proteins associated with the synaptic vesicle membrane.

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Graduate Work Malgaroli, A. Fluorescent Labeling of Yeast.

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Wendland and her team study fundamental cellular processes using yeast cells as a simple model system. Wendland has supported graduate and undergraduate students, serving as their mentor and a collaborator. Inositol pyrophosphates regulate endocytic trafficking. Endocytic adaptors - social networking at the plasma membrane.

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Clathrin-mediated endocytosis. Throughout her tenure at Johns Hopkins, Dr.

Yeast as a model system for studying endocytosis. Discoveries about how yeast cell function can also teach us about human diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases or cancer.

Lippincott-Schwartz and P. Identification of a novel domain shared by putative components of the endocytic and cytoskeletal machinery. Either portion of a severed Drosophila epsin Liquid Facets functions in the internalization of Delta in the developing eye. She also holds a joint appointment in the Department of Biophysics. Quantitative analysis of endocytosis with cytoplasmic pHluorin chimeras.

Driving membranes around the bend. Daniels announced that the executive committee of the board of trustees had approved his recommendation that Dr. Existence of nitric oxide synathase in rat hippocampal pyramidal cells. For budding yeast investigators. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Presynaptic component of long-term potentiation visualized at individual hippocampal synapses. Secretion in AtT cells stably transfected with soluble synaptotagmins. Molecular mechanism of synaptic vesicle docking and membrane fusion. Dynamic phosphoregulation of the cortical actin cytoskeleton and endocytic machinery revealed by real-time chemical genetic analysis. Recruiters, coordinators and regulators.

The kinetics of synaptic vesicle recycling measured at single presynaptic boutons. Postdoctoral Work Wendland, partnersuche kostenlos in schweiz B.

Actin and endocytosis in budding yeast. Everything you ever wanted to know about endocytosis. Protein traffic in the yeast endocytic and vacuolar sorting pathways.

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