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The Prince and Elika then flee, as Ahriman then tries to kill them. The Prince then takes Elika's body outside. He destroys the four Fertile Grounds around the Temple and returns inside. There are four Fertile Grounds there, each with a tree, that according to what Elika had told him, channel the power of all the Fertile Grounds to the Tree of Life. Shortly before the events of the game, Ahriman is about to be freed again.

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They battle him, but Elika must give up her very life to finish the spell which seals Ahriman away. He was an Ahura scientist who felt he was close to achieving immortality when his health started to fail. Depending on how the player progresses, previously visited areas will become more challenging to traverse when the player re-visits them. Assassin cancelled spin-off.

He is intent on conquering the entire universe upon his liberation. In the journey, it is revealed that Elika had died prior to the beginning of the game. Struggling for peace, the king accepted power from Ahriman that allowed him to vanquish his enemies and secure peace for his people. For other uses, see Prince of Persia disambiguation. Recommended System Requirements.

They defeat him, he calls his daughter's name, turns away from them and throws himself off the platform they are on. Prince of Persia video game. In a final battle against Elika's father, the Prince defeats him by impaling him on spikes, a visual reference to the original Prince of Persia game. Acrobatics are also used in combat to vault over enemies, or hit them into the air. The Corrupted, four rulers Ahriman chose to aid him in conquering Ormazd, also appear as antagonists.

Prince of Persia ( video game)

As the try to escape the palace, they confront the Mourning King, and many of Ahriman's followers. He cuts down the Tree of Life and takes the light power Elika used to heal the Tree. The adventurer is accompanied by an Ahura named Elika, whose race has forsaken the duty given to them by the god of light, Ormazd, and intend to set free the main antagonist, Ahriman. When they shared the vision at that time she told the Prince that visions come from Ormazd, not Ahriman. Start Playing After Installation.

Her father took her to Ahriman and asked him to revive her selling his soul in the process to Ahriman, thus making him one of the corrupted. When the war was over, however, the peace-loving citizens rejected the Warrior, who had turned into a tool of war. They were imprisoned with him for a thousand years. She was involved with a man, but was ultimately beaten by another woman, scarred and stripped of her beauty and influence. They then begin restoring the Fertile Grounds, encountering the Warrior, the Hunter, the Concubine and the Alchemist, four corrupted leaders Ahriman chose to set free.

The game ends with the Prince carrying Elika across the desert while Ahriman's darkness envelops the world. However, they both end up battling Elika's father once again. The Prince returns the Light to Elika's body, and she returns to life. The player can use the Prince character's acrobatic prowess, sword, and gauntlet, as well as magic from Elika to perform combat and acrobatic feats variously throughout the game. Prima Official Game Guide.

Thomas Delbuguet Kevin Guillemette. The game is set in ancient Persia, with a player-character whose name is not revealed in the game.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Producer Ben Mattes stated that the intent in changing the combat so drastically was to give players the impression that each enemy was a unique and dramatic experience in itself. The Prince follows her, and finds her confronting a more powerful Mourning King.

Tell me how to download please. The game's storyline and setting borrowed some aspects from Zoroastrianism. The Prince takes Elika to an underground palace, to escape Ahriman. In the end, Elika leaves the Prince to search for her people, and the Prince is left alone with a bloodthirsty Ahriman seeking revenge. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Prince of Persia is an action-adventure and platforming video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Wonderful Locations Of Ancient Persia. It is part of the Prince of Persia franchise. Players traverse many different environments using his acrobatic abilities to scale walls and even crawl on the ceilings. They are successful for a thousand years, at which point the Ahura started to lose their powers, so they leave.

Prince of Persia Free Download Full PC Game

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Rather, when an enemy is about to strike the finishing blow, or The Prince presumably falls to his death, Elika saves him. They reunite, and drive the king away temporarily.

The Prince re-creates the deal made by Elika's father. The Prince follows her into a temple which houses Ahriman, a force of evil who is trapped within a tree known as the Tree of Life. After healing all the Fertile Grounds, as well as defeating all bosses, blood money mp3 songs songs pk Elika and the Prince return to the temple to imprison Ahriman.

The outcome of the struggle was that Ormazd and his people, the Ahura, managed to imprison Ahriman and his minions, the Corrupted, in a tree. Bertrand Helias Ben Mattes. Ahriman rises from the corruption below. None of the links are working.

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