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Plenty of fish dating site customer service, contact pof

Plenty of fish dating site customer service

All I want is to know if I am and why. The app allows you to find a match for yourself and have a conversation with them. The phone number provided has a full mailbox and will not except a voicemail. Can you confirm he is on your Blocked Users page? Everything else seems to be great though.

He can receive messages but he can't reply. Do you really think you are going to find somebody online it's like a meat market. But again i wasn't rude to him, dating sites mombasa i just wasn't interested and he wasn't happy about that. They have wrote really vulgar things about me.

When trying to get the password reset it never sends me an email. It's a duplicate by the same member or copied text. It keeps sending me back to the log in page. One guy tried to scam me out of money. Not sure if when a loaded a new picture I hit an option that I shouldn't have.

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Plenty of fish dating site customer service

You guys requested the info and I submitted it please refund my money back. My next step will be police report and to seek legal advice. Ask question Ask a Question About Plentyoffish. Sometimes the image search doesnt produce any info but trust and believe they stole some unknowing soul's pics, life and personal information. Please take it down, I have attached my id for identification.

Plenty of fish dating site customer service

Someone has taken over my account. In my area some women won't task to anyone from out of the country. They are hell-bent on wasting you're time. What the hect is the world coming to when we can only find a date online?

One of them I could let go because it was a body shot without my face. My account has gotten hacked into. It keeps saying one of them is wrong, the user name or the password. Now it is nothing more than a place for women to bash and play games with men. Or i will take it further.

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Apart from these issues, you can also ask for tips for dating and how to enhance your profile. The dating sites are a lie. Offsite, his English was poor and I got the sense he was looking to latch on to someone to become an American citiizen. The site is available in various languages. Home Customer Support Directory.

Have complained several times. This is wrong and some one better contact me and tell me they are gonna fix this. Looking for a way to get the account deleted. This is some we discuss with only the people we would like to know.

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Plentyoffish Customer Care. Anyway i put it in and said declined so i put another one in it said declined to so i was well i find out why and deal with it. What can we help you with?

Plenty of fish dating site customer service
  1. Click here to cancel reply.
  2. It sucks but I can retake that pic.
  3. Been on the site for quite a few years now used to be good have so many fake profiles with links to porn sites they message you you reply you get sent a link to olameets.
  4. Someone is using my pictures on the Plenty of Fish site.
  5. Everyone who messaged me supplied a weblink for a dodgy Web site to visit.

The following is a mostly objective review of PlentyofFish. PlentyofFish, LotsofCrap for users. Do you have something to say about Plentyoffish? This is the most frustrating dating site I have ever been on.

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Then click the Report User link located near the very bottom of the profile page. Why are they ignoring my request? Do not want that payment plan. If you report an image for any reason then your profile gets deleted. Because you won't accomplish anything.

When she ask if i wanted to get coffee. You can also use the Users I Blocked link found in messages. This is the third time I have written and complained. Please get me off this site. Understand it was a monthly fee not a one time charge.

Plenty of Fish

  • The problem is likely to still be there.
  • You send me emails there all the time.
  • Please will somebody help me resolve this problem, so far phone calls to support have been pointless and I struggle to find accurate contact information on the internet.
  • Jack's account has been frozen.
  • When I try to log in with my correct username and password.

Plenty of Fish

Please send this to the appropriate department for full investigation and I expect a reply otherwise I will take this even further. Even had a few flings where we met for a one night affair. It looks like there are a lot of people with the same problem! Guys tell them what they want to hear, so when they suck his genitals on the first date, they won't appear like a douch-bag slut.

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She told me it was long ago and did not have to disclose this information. Every time I try to reset my password, nothing gets sent to my email. Before I was a able to receive messages, why can't I see them anymore. It keeps saying my username or password isnt correct.

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Plenty of fish dating site customer service

It is a complete waste of time. Hi please let me know why the activity on my acct has slowed down drastically. Could someone please contact me. My username is SportyLinks I have sent several emails through the app on the log in page.

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