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His sister, Archana had fallen in love with Shivaji Rao's son, vpn mac Shailaja's older brother. She sees a masked man and mistakes him to be a guest. Sreenu Mama tells him that he had burned them as he couldn't see them anymore because of the bad memories.

Okkadine Songs - Puttintollu Tarimesaru - Remix Item Song1 Nenokkadine All Songs Lyrics

The team lead, Guru, asks for any pictures of the family. The next day Shailaja goes to a fair that happens every two years. The press people ask him why he is trying to kill such a good man. By the time Surya arrived the whole family was killed by a psycho.

Shailaja is shaken by this and believes he died because of her. Her father asks her whereabouts and promises to send an investigation team.

Okkadine Songs - Puttintollu Tarimesaru - Remix Item Song

The team then digs up a newspaper which was printed the day after Surya's family died. She faints because of the shock.

Shailaja yells that people like him should be killed. She is the daughter of a famous philanthropist Shivaji Rao. The film stars Nara Rohit and Nithya Menon in lead roles. Surya tells them that Shivaji Rao is not a god but a ruthless man who killed his own family and that he is not afraid of death anymore. Shivaji Rao tries to convince her to save him but she tells him that she knows the truth.

Okkadine is a Telugu film directed by Srinivas Raga and produced by C. Okkadine Theatrical Release Poster.

Shailaja asks him why everyone is looking at her like that. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We are one work of Writing Lyrics. The photos of the family however are different from the ones Shailaja has seen.

The family had called Shivaji Rao to ask set up wedding preparations. At the same second, the policeman is shot with a sniper.

Shailaja tells him he deserves to die. Shailaja tells him she is looking for Surya and his family. The man who helped her tells her his name is Surya. The investigation team sent by Shivaji Rao arrives and asks what happened to Surya's family. Surya's family tells her that they will see her off.

Shailaja is then calmed by Sreenu Mama. Surya tells her that her father had masqueraded as a good man to get followers and has become like a God for everyone. Surya is crestfallen seeing his dead uncle. Shailaja meets with Surya's family everyday and takes part in their everyday fun and frolic.

After Shailaja goes home, her father tells her he has to go abroad to speak to his supporters before he begins his foray into politics. Surya reveals that he too had fallen in love with Shailaja.

Sreenu Mama is taken to a forest where Guru yells to Surya to reveal himself. Frustrated Shivaji Rao moves towards her and steps on a dead policeman's arm while doing so. Shailaja is escorted away.

1 Nenokkadine All Songs Lyrics

Okkadine (2012)

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Okkadine Songs - Laagikottadu Suryudine - Nithya Menon - Nara Rohit

This Whole thing was meanwhile recorded by Sodhan who shows the tape to Shailaja. Sreenu Mama tells her that Surya's family has been dead for two years and shows her their graves.

Shivaji Rao had told them that he would come the next day with his son for the engagement. It is revealed that the driver was sent by Shivaji Rao himself.

One day Surya takes her to a small temple in the forest. She tries to go help him but is stopped by Sreenu Mama. Shivaji Rao yells at her to move but she does not budge. One of Surya's nieces plays with a video camera and places it outside the house.

Okkadine (2012)

1 Nenokkadine All Songs Lyrics

Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar. Shivaji Rao's men attack him and he kills them. He then tells her he wished to be by her side forever and proposes to her. He had Surya's family killed because he wanted his son to marry a multi millionaire's only daughter to funnel his wealth into his political foray.

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The movie ends with Surya in an embrace with Shailaja. Surya kills him and tells Sreenu Mama. He tries to kill Surya but Shailaja shields him. That night, a police convoy alerts everyone in the town about a psycho murderer running loose.