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More music like this, please! Le Gardien begins softly with a guitar playing two chords, accompanied by synth and the voice of Roselyne, the female vocalist. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. There is no extravaganza and bombastic playing, but rather an elegant show of capabilities.

The beautiful bass melody and keyboard washes begin to carry you away as you listen to all of the subtle nuances and flourishes occurring over the top. When I take a look at some of the records that we today herald as being groundbreaking and earth shattering pieces of prog rock, I must admit to feeling a bit sad on Nil's behalf. Nil nil nil pathil sol sol paatu padava arjun vidhu smule tamil song. Nil nil pathil sol ilaiyaraja hits.


This is varied and original music. It may sound as filler and to me it is not particularly interesting.

While I can understand this criticism I do not agree with it and all I can say is that this is eventually determined by your taste and this song is to my taste. However, I suspect some might find this song boring, ishqedarriyaan songs repetitive and going nowhere.

Nil Nil Nil Nilave Tamil & English Song lyricsNil Novo Sub Sole

The music keeps on changing moods and shape during this one and Nil comes up with new twists and adds more flavours to it all the time. There is no way you can box this creature down - it lives on its own terms, frolicking wildly among those preceding musical masterpieces that answer to no one. Chinna kanmanikkulle vantha paattu paadavaa.

With an overpowering lust for insane, complex and just impossible rhythms - he injects every piece of music within this recording with something audacious and off-kilter. It has emotion, it's dark and the vocals fit perfectly. There's a similar sense of abandonment and desertion to this album. She's seductive, diabolic and angelic all cooked up in a manner that has you trembling with lust and fear simultaneously. Nil nil nilavey instrumental.

Like in Deregeneration, the composition here is original and varied with many contradicting moods within it. Nil nil nil badhil sol sol sol. Nil nil nil nil elan thendraley ll video song ll deiva piravi ll tamil movie. This album has enriched me and given me much pleasure and I recommend it wholeheartedly.

This song functions more a border between the first song and the rest of the album which is different in style and so to allow us to understand that we are about to listen to something else. It's an instrumental masteriece with mellotron and synths playing almost all the time. Counterpointing this intangible piece of the puzzle, we have perhaps my favourite ingredient in the mix, which is the powerful and reckless drumming.

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The intended overall effect is somewhat lost on me, but who cares! Frank Niebel is the name of the man behind the kit, and this guy is without a doubt one of the most incredible modern drummers.


Nil nil nil pathil sol sol sol enai vaattaathe movie paattu padava. Nil nil nil pathil sol sol ilayaraja. Nil nil nil pathil sol sol sara verion.

Nil nil pathil sol sol video song video & mp3 songs

Some riffing followed by wailing guitars as mellotron flows in. In this track you hear well all the instruments players and their playing abilities. The vocal melodies are cool. This is what White Willow should have become. The interplay between all musicians is very dynamic and original.

The band balances it with more laid-back atmospheric and spacey sections, but generally this track is very urgent and frantic. Piano comes in then heavy guitar, then piano comes back. Less melodic than Magenta. This is followed by a big change in the sound. It makes me want to listen and figure out what she's singing about.

Though her voice is more appropriate for plain singing in a low key, she manages to deliver the right emotions in all the ways she sings here. They put in it different ingredients that seem maybe to contradict each other, but the result is excellent and the music is beautiful. This is also true regarding the next track.

The music switches from calm and heavenly to distortion guitar lead with a scary atmosphere enhanced by the keyboards. What probably was to become the first chapter of a new novel in modern French prog became a game-over instead. Lots of energy a minute in with some incredible guitar playing too. The electric guitars vascilate between sounding like Robert Fripp's edgiest to Steve Howe's shredderest. This is music that every morning plays for old sea captains standing on the edge of the beach - seductively being summoned by the sea - wooed by the crystal music of icebergs blue.

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Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. The band displays a daring ambition and confidence right from the start.

The keyboard playing and sound choices are unusual and multiferous, with an almost-church-like organ being the only constant. You are not logged, please complete authentication before continuing use forum credentials. What I appreciate most here is the shifts from disharmonic to harmonic tunes, greatly aided by Roselyne's voice.

Nil Novo Sub Sole

Derives is a repetitive musical part, around which the keyboards, drums and Roselyne's voice revolve and add their enriching elements to it. Nil Nil Nil Nilave lyrics.

After a gentle intro, Le Garden goes for a very avant-garde type of rock that veers off in all sorts of directions. He never plays what you'd expect him to do. Quot nil nil nil quot av ramanan uma ramanan musiano. Their best - and unfortunately their last. Some powerful guitar is followed by more mellotron.

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