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Resources Blog Articles Deals. Mywindow is the name of the window the button is going to be in. Students learn about lengths and angles while creating diagrams and patterns. How quickly can you do this?

This license can be installed on unlimited number of workstations. Rebeca Bayeh, Brazil This is so funny, thank you very much!

Many other online mathematical activities are available free at Transum Software. Now lastly we need to make a button that closes the window instead of having to press reset. Holly, Caliornia Usa Can someone tell me how to make the flowers, I'm finding it so hard. Please try reloading this page, gmapsupp or contact support.

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Leaving without your download? Some styles failed to load.

Let's start with something simple. Let's make a procedure that draws a square on the screen. Is that the case or can the turtle move in decimal distances? The problem has now been corrected.

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Like I said before I can't put square brackets because a link to nowhere is made. Let's start by making a new procedure. It distinguished itself from other programming languages at the time by being more graphics- and logic-oriented than just pure numbers. Students can use the snipping tool to capture pictures of their work which they can paste into their notes.

Caroline, Newcastle How do you make a pentagon? Thank you for your wonderful website. Go back to the procedure box then press enter after the buttoncreate line. Bobby, Lancaster I love this. Please send Transum pictures of anything magnificent you produce with this application or describe your programming.

Now go to the commander window and type the procedure box once more and press enter. The thing that draws everything is know as the turtle. One disadvantage is this app is for Windows. Is it possible to have a wait command, like the old Logo, to watch the pen draw?


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We hope that you enjoy it. Lara, England I really loved this.

But I agree it works fine under Linux via Wine. However, they've disappeared and I can't create any more.

This is a simplified version of the programming language Logo. Online logo is limited to integers. You can claim a virtual Transum Trophy to celebrate the work you have done learning Logo. There are plenty of video guides and tutorials to guide users through their first few times with a software. The problem was caused by an incomplete software upgrade.

Logo is a wonderful application to use when learning about the properties of shapes and angles. It draws a square on the screen.

Aaron, Island Pacific Acadamy It is cool making flowers but how do you make one. Given that purpose, it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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Ong Chee Wei, Malaysia How to make olympic logo? More on Angles including lesson Starters, visual aids and investigations. The repeat will repeat the commands in the brackets four times. You can run a procedure by typing in the commander window it's name. You can find in the left panel above instructions and a series of challenges for the student who has not used Logo before.

However, for anyone looking to deal with more-intense programming, this is not going to be the ideal choice. The y-coordinate moves the turtle up and down. Click the blue buttons to move through the challenges.