Indian Explosives Rules 2008

Such mound shall be of a type approved by the licensing authority and shall always be maintained in good condition to provide effective protection. Control over manufacture, import, export, transport, possession for sale or use of explosives. Repacking or opening of packages.

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Power to destroy explosives and ingredients thereof. If any explosive escapes from the package in which it is contained, or is split, such explosive shall immediately be carefully collected and destroyed in a safe manner as provided in these rules. No objection certificate under the Explosives Rules, rar compressor No.

Provided that nothing in this rule shall be deemed to affect the powers of executive control of the Chief Controller over the officers subordinate to him. The licensee and his employees shall be conversant with procedure to be taken during the emergency within the premises.

No objection certificate before construction. The wrapping should also protect the material from damp. Administrative action after inspection for violation. Prohibition of transport within Streets, Public places and other specified areas.

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No person shall sell fireworks from any premises other than those licensed under these rules. Inner Packages if made of metal shall be secured by cushioning material.

Indian Explosive Rules 2008

Indian explosives rules 2008

Indian Explosive Rules

Indian explosives rules 2008Indian explosives rules 2008

Restriction on unauthorised persons and provision of guards. An application for revalidation received after three months of the expiration of the licence shall be considered as an application for a new licence.

The test tube is then to be inserted in one of the wire cages of the lid of the water bath, so that the bottom line etched on the test tube coincides with the upper surface of the lid. Below the lowest point of the funnel.

Precautions to be observed while firing. Refusal to grant approval or licence. Such fireworks shall be purchased directly from persons holding valid licence granted to manufacture such fireworks.

Licence for road van or compressor mounted motor truck or tractor. Only wooden implements shall be used. Sale of other article prohibited. All persons other than the shot firer and his assistants, if any, shall be withdrawn from the site before testing the continuity.

Indian explosives rules 2008

Employment of competent person. The tubes which are pitted or badly rusted, or visibly defective shall not be used. The sheets are then to be stored in amber coloured glass jars, kept in the dark.

Licence to transport explosives in a road van. Restriction on transport of explosives except fireworks and safety fuse by vehicles other than road vans or compressor mounted motor truck or tractor.

Provided that before suspending or cancelling a licence under this rule, the holder of the licence shall be given an opportunity of being heard. Amendment of licence in respect of alteration or change in the premises or licenses capacity, but not involving change of name of licensee or partners or directors or members. Exclusion from list of authorised explosives. Particulars to be exhibited on process building.

Before refusal, the applicant shall be given an opportunity of being heard. During manufacture, the paper is not to be submitted to artificial heat of any kind. Safety distances between carriages and boats. Particulars of no objection certificate.

Restriction on conveyance of explosives to or at the blasting site. Explosives proposed to be manufactured or possessed.

The mixture is then to be ground by a circular movement of the pestle for a further period of half a minute, and should then be homogenous in appearance. The sample is then to be transferred to the rectangular sieve and rubbed through it with the hand. Application for grant of licence.