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This is a great track that could be used in anything from presentation videos and tutorial videos to sports videos, new product introduction type of videos or anything else you can think of. This instrumental has a very uplifting, inspirational and motivational type of feel to it. Click on the listen link to hear the audio of the instrumental. The piano melody is backed by strong synth sounds that dominate the track once they become present in the mix.

It makes you want to dance, jump around and have fun. He is a great guy and has tons of positive things to say and stories to tell.

Very happy go lucky and motivating feel to this instrumental. After hearing the song later, Akon said that he loved it and wanted to keep it for himself, so he wanted to record his own version of it. Motivation is a beat I created right after getting through a depressing time in my life.

It was available to stream from Jackson's official website. Les Brown is a well known motivational speaker that helps entrepreneurs start their own businesses, among other things.

Recording Industry Association of America. Live Forever is a great mix of deep bass, hi energetic synth sounds and feel good percussion. It uses a mixture of pop, dubstep and hip hop sounds and has a really unique feel to it. Discography Awards and nominations. When Kelly was asked what he thought it was about the song that struck a chord with both Akon and Jackson, he said that it was the song's theme of friendship and togetherness.

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Instrumental)InstrumentalFx

Looking for more instrumentals like this? This instrumental reminds me of taking a really nice drive on a sunny day during the weekend.

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The main melody reminds me of a Chris Brown song while the dubstep drops remind me of a Skrillex type of feel. If your looking to add energy to your video or have a general track that can fit many purposes, this is the one. Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana.

The Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Instrumental)

Select Silver in the Certification field. Select singles in the Format field. There are also some special synth type sounds in there that I really like as well.

This track has tons of energy, drops, rises, fx, build ups and more. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Towards the chorus it has a dubstep sort of drop to it that I really love. The arpeggio that plays in the ending chorus and in choruses throughout really take it in more of a positive direction as well. Due to the leak, the song was subsequently pulled from Akon's track listing for his album, Freedom. You will surely not be disappointed.

Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry. However, I kept pushing through, making the right decisions and slowly but surely things started going in the right direction for me. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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It feels like there is not a care in the world and everything is on the up and up. Nice feel good instrumental here that tells its own story. It motivates you to move around and get things done. We were devastated about it. Shortly afterwards Akon went to Las Vegas to work on what would have been Michael Jackson's next album.

Hold My Hand is a love type of instrumental that feels good and reminds you of that special someone. This instrumental definitely has a mixture of emotions about it. Plenty of percussion, mission cobra game guitars and even some dj mixing sounds made it into this instrumental. The instrumental HipPop was ultra fun to create.

It makes you want to be close. The kick and snare really set it off. While there, Jackson heard the song and loved it, and decided he wanted to contribute to it. Has a nice mixture of pianos chords, hi and low synth sounds, arpeggios, fx, hi hats and more.

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