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List of Hetalia Axis Powers Episodes

America wants a convenience store like Japan unlike all the delis in his home. Japan finds America's strange desserts photograph-worthy, while Canada in more of Fly, Canada-san, Fly! The Austrian Anschluss story is also concluded, with a visit from France.

But in the end, America learns what it truly means to be immortal. Prussia and Germany infiltrate an American camp, and are caught doing so. The continuation of Greece and Japan's story, featuring the first anime appearance of Turkey.

Japan complains about how he feels run down, and Germany tells him to lay off the salt and changes his diet and exercise regime The Salted Salmon story. Austria and Germany argue over whether Beethoven is an Austrian or a German. Sealand, Seborga and Wy set off to make new micronation friends.

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Denmark realizes how much of an affect he's had on his old friend, Norway. Even though he has an odd way of showing it. Italy is worried that Germany hates him.

List of Hetalia Axis Powers episodes

The Anglo-Japanese Alliance story continues. Chibitalia puts a ban on boats in the Venice canal. Estonia finds all his websites hacked with each site displaying a drawing of Chibirussia.

The War of Austrian Succession starts. Italy shows off his new tanks, which prove to be quite dangerous. Holy Roman Empire gets ready to depart for war, but Chibitalia won't let him leave that easily, and not without one last gift.

The Italy brothers wind up captured by England, and Germany learns that the Italian behavior is infectious. Normally it would be just your average trip to the beach. Most of Germany's days are spent bailing out his ally Italy from the various sticky situations he gets himself into.

Hetalia ArchivesList of Hetalia Axis Powers Episodes

England's latest secret weapon to win the war is a failure. France takes a strangely familiar American girl on a tour through his home. Finland and Sweden are living together on the road.

Chibi Romano decides to travel home for three days, but Boss Spain is worried, so he follows him, only to find someone else showing interest. The Axis as well as England and America try to manufacture food that stays edible during war. Japan, Germany, and Italy roast marshmallows on the beach. China gets a chance to see one of his old colonies, Hong Kong. Davie shows him a beautiful flower in a book, which causes America to search far and wide for it.

Adapts the strips Hetalia of the Dead. Included on the Hetalia Fan Disk. Included on the Hetalia Fan Disc. Most of the episodes did not have official titles given, china iphone 4 software unless they were stated in a next episode preview or in Comic Birz loglines.

Meanwhile, Finland discusses his time with Russia to Sweden. America unveils a new plane, much to England's chagrin and lets out a secret.

The discussion page may contain suggestions. France and England later bicker over how to deal with the Axis during an Ally meeting. Meanwhile, Estonia wants to join the Nordics.

As it turns out, Italy and Germany's thoughts aren't exactly in alignment. England attempts to become stronger, and Italy visits France. Sealand attempts to befriend Iceland. The Axis are ambushed by the Allies once more, but another strange visitor arrives to break up the fight, with Christmas presents in tow. Of course, the results are a bit different from what Spain had imagined.

America and Japan both prepare for the New Year and the coming of spring. It's America's two-hundredth birthday, and England finally plucks up the courage to do something nice for him. Adapts the second half of It's a Pandora Box of Countries. After intercepting a message, the Allies travel to a beach to meet up with the Axis Powers. America forces everyone except for Russia to attend his Christmas party and Japan inspires Italy to create a special poster.

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The method behind the making of products in Northern Europe is showcased, with all of the Nordics except Iceland taking part. Adapts the comic Canada and His Neighbors from the sixth published volume.