Are there ways to date JBL DF speakers


Are there ways to date JBL DF speakers


Dating jbl speakers by serial number, vintage guitars info - dating vintage guitars amps by date source code

These amps do not have a bias trim pot. All of the amps would have the aluminum grill trim and they may or may not have the thin black vertical lines on the control panel. Topics and issues of interest to left-handed players. Are the wires of the right era cloth insulation for older stuff?

The Classifieds are not for business users or commercial sales unless you are a paid sponsor. It's quick and easy with PayPal. If you see a speaker on ebay or C-list, you could email Ted and ask him for advice about a recone.

How to Date Jbl Speakers
Ask Amp Man Identifying Vintage Fender Speakers and Battling Hum

It's worth mentioning since a lot of people rely on pot dates. The amps during this period could have the earliest style silverface grill cloth or the more familiar silverface grill cloth. This is on the honor system.

As the story goes, Leo Fender wanted Jensen to make some changes to speakers and either the speaker couldn't price constraints? So, I have compiled a list of speakers used in Fender amps and took some photos of some of them as well. The second thing that was done was the addition of another number stamped into the chassis as a suffix to the A serial number, e. There will be amps with serial numbers that lie outside of the listed ranges. The machine that stamped the serial number into the back of the chassis got stuck on number A and a lot of pieces were stamped with this number.

You can activate your phone's assistant with a long-press of the same button anyway, but this way, you save a few seconds. Many times a player can find an original speaker to replace the non-original speaker. For some reason, folks are willing to poke their head into tweed, blonde, brown and blackface amps, but not into silverface amps. The list, presented below, is based on our actual observations, but is not comprehensive.

Dating a JBL Speaker

How do I tell if a JBL has its original cone

The actual power ratings have been published in several books so I'll discuss them in general terms here. Utah went on to become Pyle of Radio Shack and car audio fame. Interest in vintage Fender amps really took hold about years ago. Anyone else have the same information?

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You'll have to give me a few hours. Since I primarily collect amps by Fender, and guitars by Gibson, Fender, Martin, National, Epiphone, Gretsch and Rickenbacker, I really can't help them with these other less popular brands. Fender and Gibson used them, and did many other makers. This necessitates removing the chassis from the cab to change the voltage setting which would only be a problem if you hopping from country to country with the amp. Antique Electronics Supply.

Speaker Codes And What They Mean

Speaker Codes & Applications

Yeah, interracial dating good or bad the cone number is a pretty good indicator. Very few of these were and those who own one of these oddballs can either be happy with the fact that it is a rare amp or be sad that the mismatched impedance means the amp is less efficient. Nearly the entire body is covered in a mesh fabric except for the edges and a silicone strip that runs across the length of the speaker.

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For those readers who may have joined us recently, I am doing some Fender amp research along with Devin Riebe and Greg Huntington. These have not been observed or reported so the answer remains unknown. Sometimes there just isn't enough information on electric instruments and amps to allow them to be properely dated. Though they are one piece of the puzzle and something to consider, don't put too much faith into a pot date. Some things are very obvious such as non-original or reconed speakers, non-original transformers, replaced pots, re-tweed, re-tolex, re-grill, etc.

By kenratboy in forum Lansing Product General Information. And remember, even the dates indicated by the pots aren't that exact. And keep those blackface amp data coming! The Q and P suffixes denote a medium power rating.

Are there ways to date JBL DF speakers

  • Either the factory worker was asleep at the wheel that day or there was a new hire that was still learning how to assemble amplifier circuit boards.
  • And that's great news, considering we really liked the last iteration.
  • Although the cosmetics changed, the circuits remained unaltered from the blackface circuits on the earliest silverface amps.
  • Many amp geeks don't like Oxford speakers found in Fender amps from through the s.
  • If it sounds crummy it probably has its original cone.

Alright, first three pictures are of the top df. Weber will use a factory kit you provide or use his own parts for a flat fee, refer to his web site. The last three pictures didn't attach so I'll attach them now. They had a Professional series, a Concert series, arlington speed and a Standard series.

Dating a JBL Speaker

The following charts are the revised dating tables for Fender tube amps. This is no different with published dating tables for vintage Fender guitars and basses. In addition, the dating-by-serial number tables have been revised and are more accurate. Another option is to install vintage style speakers.

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On less popular Fender instruments, such as LapSteels, pots can be as much as two years earlier than the actual date of the instrument. He shared some pictures with me and it looks really nice. Please keep amp posts and the like in the other forums and use this one for items of specific concern to lefties. No other guitar or amp brands accepted.

Or pick up a blown one and find a good person to recone it? Original cone Ds that don't rub are rare indeed. Usually this isn't too difficult. As a result, there are a lot of amps out there that may look original, pda but are not. That could explain why they sound good.

The cosmetics of the silverface amps during the transition between circuits was also in transition making it difficult to determine circuit type on cosmetics alone. Louis, Missouri for allowing me to photograph the speakers from his inventory. The parts and labor on those old speakers can be expensive.

Acoustic and electric drums, cymbals, world percussion, drum machines and software, cowbells or whatever. The only disappointment in the sound is that high frequencies, like violins, aren't as sparkly and detailed as competitors like the Bose Soundlink Mini. Working on your vocal chops? You can discuss everything related to keyboards here.

He has a real following, fanatical hereabouts, and it's surely in his interest to do his best work for members of this forum, as I'm sure he does for all of his customers. With all this information in mind, can you identify the following manufacturer and date of these source-date codes? This one has a sticker and I know I've seen some like that before but I don't know if it is original. So, I couldn't afford them right away and wound up with a rebuilt pair. While there is no charge to use this forum, please consider making a small donation if you have a successful transaction.

Vintage Guitars Info - dating vintage guitars amps by date source code

  1. The bass response works best on a flat surface that can help resonate some of the sound, like a tabletop.
  2. AlNiCo was the mainstay for decades because it produced a strong magnet which worked great in speakers.
  3. It can be stamped or marked on any product to identify the production source vendor and date of manufacturer.


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