Antique and Vintage Desks


Antique and Vintage Desks


Dating antique secretary desk, antique and vintage desks

Identifying Antique Writing Desks and Storage Pieces

It can sit still and fill an empty corner, or even store personal possessions that you may not want to display on the daily. This development led to more people requiring and acquiring writing desks, stationery, bookcases and sideboards, amongst other office furniture and accessories. It's solid wood, no veneer.

Antique and Vintage Desks

About the Author Michele Norfleet is a freelance writer who writes on travel, home and garden and education topics. Your guide to antique pottery marks, porcelain marks and china marks. These desks are available in styles suitable for any decor.

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Warning Like other kinds of furniture, desks were sometimes stained to fit into a decor scheme or to make plain wood appear more elegant. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Most lever locks are labeled as such. If the piece of furniture is dirty or encrusted with wax, clean it first with a mixture of denatured alcohol, white vinegar, and kerosene, in equal parts. Silk, wool, and cotton have been spun and woven into a variety of damasks, satins, and brocades with many different patterns.

  1. Tip Antique collector magazines and newspapers sometimes offer question columns.
  2. The next technological development in joinery was again American.
  3. You can even find a lovely secretary desk for sale without the hassle of spending too much or thinking twice about your finances.
  4. And, realize that those masterpieces are actually few and far between.
  5. Most bolts have two notches, one in the locked position and one in the unlocked position.

Note whether the top and bottom sections of your desk are held together by screws or wooden pegs. There were exceptions to the mass-made Wooton desk, as wealthy families, royalty and influential individuals of the society at that time did have a custom-made desk produced by the Wooton Company. They continued to be popular into the Regency period, until the s. The most common is an inside ring of raised metal, concentric to the pin, how do you that requires a notch in the key.

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Identifying Furniture Used for Writing and Storage

Choose a desk from LuxeDecor, and bring home a one-of-a-kind historic piece of furniture to your home office today. As the dovetail joint evolved through the last one hundred thirty years, it becomes a clue for the age and authenticity of antique furniture. Home Latest Updates Forum Valuations.

The earliest examples are from furniture placed with mummies in Egypt thousands of years ago, and also in the burials of ancient Chinese emperors. Does that writing on the back seem relevant? In Europe the same piece of furniture has been called bureau and bookcase and then desk and bookcase. The lower half usually has three to four drawers or, occasionally, shelves behind two doors. Collect as many steel keys as you can to try stubborn locks with before you cut soft brass ones that may break in a reluctant bolt.

The presence of brass hardware at all also tells a tale. The blade of the key engages a semi-circular cavity in the bolt and moves it forward or back, as the case may be. Today antique secretaries, reproductions and more contemporary styles are found in homes and offices.

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The second most common problem in the old locks, besides no key, is a broken spring. Double-check the knee-hole, both sides of the bottom of the main drawer and the back of both the desk and its top. Antique bureaux, desks and writing tables encompass a wide range of uses, from a ladies dressing table to a library reading table.

Dovetails - A Clue for Dating Antiques - The Harp Gallery

Perfectly symmetrical measurements are a clue that your desk was factory- rather than hand-made. The features of this particular desk developed and changed as the fashion and tastes of the period evolved, speech but the main functions remained the same. Some examples have leather tops as well.

Many also have small front drawers, cubbyholes, hidden compartments released by a knob in one of the drawers, or pop-up galleries. This feature is easy to overcome by inserting a new blank key in the lock and working it back and forth. Can you circa date solely on the type of wood used?

Furniture Detective Unlock the secrets of furniture locks

Looking for a pricing of a Monitor Furniture Co. There is no unanimity on this term, even among specialists. Slant-Front desks have evolved over time, with the first examples having hinges at the top. We use cookies to make your experience better.

  • Honing your wood identification skills can really pay off in this area.
  • These routers were ancestors of the electric precision tools of today, and could be used to rapidly cut a machined dovetail joint.
  • The whole piece is in great shape, all original finish, knobs and hinges.
  • And that is even if you are focusing on only one aspect of this very diverse subject.
  • The tips were blunt in these oldest screws, and each one was unique.

Whether you are in search of a traditional or contemporary piece, there are many vintage writing desks available at LuxeDecor to suit your style and taste. Steam power, transferred by pulleys and leather belts, operated saws, carving machines and routers that could copy an original pattern exactly. In addition to correct barrel size and blade size, a lock may employ other features to prevent the entry or use of a bogus key.

Desks & Secretaries Furniture Antiques

Use the press and stay informed about current trends and potential scams in the antique trade by consulting popular and highly regarded antique trade publications. Looking at the joinery, or the way a piece of antique furniture is put together, will provide many clues that help in determining the age. As with all antiques, without provenance, it takes an in-depth knowledge of antiques, periods and styles to identify and date a piece of furniture successfully.

Furniture manufacturers offer a wide range of variations on the traditional secretary desk. Manufacturers of this office furniture provide a vast array of variations on the traditional antique secretary desk style. How much is my antique bird's eye maple secretary desk worth. The Carlton House desk is equally as easy to identify as the impressive and curious Wooton desk.

Antique and Vintage Desks

This over-view of the dovetailing techniques should easily help identification and dating of most furniture from the last years. The type of dovetailed joint, especially in drawers, reveals much about furniture construction and dating. Antique secretary writing desk need dating asap.

Victorian Antique Walnut Cylinder Roll Top Secretary Desk & Bookcase 30722

Not all manufacturers placed labels in the same locations. Many of these elements have lasted the test of time, including their features and use which has remained constant throughout the years and even to this day. The newer modern writing desk models have compartments to store writing supplies, and reproduction desks are on hand as well, which have the same aesthetic and ambience of the original models.

When the joint is expertly executed, it is a thing of beauty, and a secure joining of two boards that can last for centuries. Some also overlap in their descriptors. Can someone please answer the following questions for me? Many different types and styles have been made with slanted tops since then, speed dating tauranga including a number of those shown with this feature. Machine made furniture produced largely after will have components that match more perfectly than those made by hand.

Especially if your desk has remained in a single family and has not had restorative care, the assembly may offer clues to the manufacturer and therefore the age of the desk. If it has only a few dovetail joints, with pins narrower than the dovetails, then the joint was made by hand. Tiny angled saw cuts were followed by careful cutting by a sharpened chisel on both sides to avoid splintering. Straight saw marks also indicate an old piece. Mortise refers to the cutout portion of wood in which the lock is mounted.

What is the approximate age? Thus, one of these helpful and decorative furniture pieces will perform exceptionally wherever you please. Typically, Wooton desks were considerably larger than other pieces of furniture, and this was due to the vast number of compartments on the piece.

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