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The alarm application has only one alarm slot and fails to impress. All of these elements work seamlessly together to provide a wonderful navigation experience.

BlackBerry Bold

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Here are the details on why I feel so strongly about this device, as well as a few reasons the BlackBerry Bold still isn't as functional as it could be. In general there's hardly much to complain about the BlackBerry App world interface, it provides pretty solid user experience. There BlackBerry App World mobile client There's a basic filtering system as well - it allows you to check out the highest rated free and paid applications, as well as the newest titles. One area where the Bold gets a bit of an upgrade is the camera. The Bold packs a pile of different wireless radios, new latest photoshop software which is definitely a boon for enterprise users.

The Bold series is usually more expensive and has more expensive materials e. The calendar has monthly, weekly and daily view modes and allows easily customized events to be set up. And as such, I have many more good things to say about it than I have criticisms.

Furthermore, document editing is also supported right out of the box, unlike some competing phones. The organizer package also includes a calculator with a built-in unit-converter, as well as a voice recorder and a Notes application.

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BlackBerry Bold 9780 review Business as usual

And that's for good reason. Now, onto the new software. Multiple tabs are supported and alternating them is pretty easy.

It's quick to turn on but most of its settings can only be adjusted from the settings menu. The calculator comes with a built-in unit converter.

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And it's the best smartphone keyboard I've ever used. Outdoor shots were more vibrant, but even so, we wouldn't say the camera is a reason to upgrade.

There's a basic filtering system as well - it allows you to check out the highest rated free and paid applications, as well as the newest titles. Mobile office is also fully functional, with preinstalled applications able to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Managing your apps can be done through your computer or directly from the device itself. It's faster and smoother, and simply a better overall Web browsing tool.

Both document viewing and editing is supported out of the box. The calculator comes with a built-in unit converter The alarm application has only one alarm slot and fails to impress. When, where and how to get the most cash for your used iPhone. Calendar entries can be forwarded and conference call information can be merged into the Calendar.

Six websites that turn your used electronics into money. Everything Apple announced. In my tests, the voice search function worked quite well.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. YouTube videos took several seconds to buffer but offered synchronized audio and picture. Read more on BlackBerry Balance here. In general, with moderate use, we were able to go a full day or a day and a half before needing to recharge. Clips played back without interruption, but the video could get a bit murky.

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The family was launched in with the Model. Excellent organizing skills True to its business objectives, the Bold has superb time-management capabilities.

BlackBerry Bold

BlackBerry Bold 9780 Help and Support

Here are the latest Insider stories. Java is not supported on this device. At the highest level, there was just enough volume to have a conversation in a room full of people. There are enough categories and a search box to make searching easier. You just push it towards the border of the page et voila.

Both are accessed from the clock application and have the usual functionality. It marks a return to the form factor of the original and its popular wide-set physical keyboard. By default, pages are loaded to fit the display width with the virtual cursor taking the shape of a magnifier. It also has many optimizations which improve web and gaming experiences as well as social network integration as well as some layout changes with some new icons.