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There are many games based on Disney stuff. As in many other games from the same period, Aladdin - the main character - has to make his way through levels, which were based on locations seen in the movie. And even if you've been living under a rock and somehow missed Disney's full-length feature, you won't feel left out. The sound is good, there is plenty to do and you won't be disappoint ed with presentation, it's just not exactly full of surprises.

Browse games Game Portals. Their search takes them through the streets of Agrabah, across the Desert, into the Sultan's dungeons, through the Cave of Wonders and more. You will also have the luxury of earning additional lives through various bonus rounds, but watch out, some bonus levels are not very giving.

There's a Red Gem hidden in the clouds just before the exit to the first Genie stage. Aladdin is a street rat who has no home or money. It's more important for you jump over the holes than to evade the barrels. There's also a lot of humor - we've never laughed so hard at a game that we actually liked! The magic of Disney continues as the popular animated feature makes a fantastic debut on the Genesis.

Join them for adventure beyond your wildest imagination. Sure, she's a damsel in distress, but she's not your typical video-game airhead. The slapstick humor of the movie is also retained. This cart has got to be seen to be believed! Everything you need to know is at the top of the screen.

Check out the Cave of Wonders. There is an introduction, and there are also some dialogues in-game, but it is much more enjoyable if you already know the story. Finally, it hovers near the exit to the Desert.

In the first cave of the second stage, just after the chest with the Scarab in it, you'll see a bat. This process directly converts graphics from animated movie cels into digital data, and it set up the canvas for Disney's brilliant artistic staff. Remember to collect gems, so you'll have the cash to purchase the goodies. Then again, you're Aladdin.

Sega, of course, owns the hardware and wields considerable marketing muscle. Disney's Aladdin is one of the most beautiful video games to date. You've got the lamp, the magic carpet and Princess Jasmine.

Incredible controls and a variety of techniques make this cart one of the hottest. It's pretty easy to figure out. Only then will she be yours. This game is a masterpiece! You've Got Three Wishes As Aladdin, you run, jump, creep, crouch, and fight your way through the game's seven levels.

Also, sharp-eyed Aladdin movie fans will discover a host of new characters. You'll find it first at the base of a tower of blocks, on the right-hand side. It does I am told follow the plot of the film as closely as it can.

Aladdin can attack from long range with apples and can trade gems which need to be collected in advance for lives. Although it's a great-looking game with some good moments, Aladdin's not gonna be what you've been wishing for unless you're a beginning gamer. Keep this up and who knows what will come up next!

In each level Aladdin has a different task, from searching for magic flutes, to tracking down the Scarab, to finding the magic lamp that holds the Genie. Other than that, virtual family 2 this version of Aladdin is great! Disney and Capcom are prepared to make all your video game wishes come true with Aladdin. Disney's licensed many of their gorgeous animated characters to different companies for translation into video games.

Gameplay is simple, yet elegant. And what it lacks in extra animation, it more than makes up for with smooth moves and top-notch game play. Still, Aladdin does get to swing from any object that he can latch himself onto, like chains, lamps, and stalagmites.

Disney s Aladdin in Nasira s Revenge

Cinematic sequences between levels highlight the action. This exceptional cart boasts phenomenal sound and graphics! The Best Animation was another award Disney's Aladdin won. There is also a golden scarab to be found in each level, and this grants you a bonus once you reach the end, such as extra hearts or extra lives. Repeat until he's done for.

Dodge flame bursts, burning lava and rocks on your magic carpet. However, the control was a bit frustrating. The animation is as smooth as it could be, the sound followed the movie to a tee, and the game play couldn't be better.

Similar to the movie, there's no daring swordplay or chair-tossing heroics. Absolutely the first thing you'll notice when you conjure up Aladdin on your Genesis are the gorgeous graphics. Conjuring up Disney's Aladdin for the Genesis took much more than three wishes. Before yall say wheres the download link, game fabrique is a sega genesis site only.

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You may see some familiar Disney characters if you look carefully. The game play for each level varies, and it's very different from the Genesis version. However, the player can still throw with apples in this version. You'll figure something out.

Secure Form Forgot your password? The later levels are really neat. As you run through the molten lava caverns, remember that you can bounce off of any rock, including the dangerous-looking pointy rocks that bob up and down in the lava. Soundwise, recognizable tunes from the flick jazz up the action.

Or, jump on them to spring to other hidden spots. We'll email you a temporary password. Take a clue from the Genie's hand! If you haven't seen the movie, see it! Cinematic storyline sequences follow the movie's plot to heighten the game's action.

Platform games per se are very samey. There's not exactly much variation either.

Great graphics and wonderful game play aside, this game presents no real challenge to the average gamer. Suddenly, all the latest titles are some of the best ever seen! The sounds and music are also top-notch, with lot of emphasis on theme and atmosphere. Prince Ali If you haven't seen the movie, see it!